Review: Katsute 100 Japanese Boutique and Tea Rooms in London

Over the past couple of weeks we've visited Japanese Boutique and Tea Rooms Katsute 100 not once, not twice, but three times!  A definite sign that this is a cafe well worth visiting.  

Located in a quiet street a stones throw away from Angel station in London and housed in a historic building, stepping into Katsute 100 is like being transported away from the hustle and bustle of London into a traditional Kyoto tea room.  Katsute is the perfect place for you to enjoy delicious Japanese teas and sweet treats in a cosy and relaxed atmosphere.  

The word Katsute represents nostalgia, history, moments in time... ‘Once’. Step into a space where time moves more slowly, and each mouthful of our exquisite teas and home-made cakes can be experienced without the distractions of our bustling city. An oasis of Zen calm

— Katsute 100

The helpful staff can recommend teas according to your own personal tastes from an extensive menu of loose leaf teas, infusions, matcha and tea lattes.  Personal favourites include the houjicha latte, a roasted tea with an earthy natural taste made in a similar way to a matcha latte, and the sakura (cherry blossom) infusion, with a  delicately floral taste. Both are perfect for chilly days with the promise of spring just around the corner.

Desserts include sakura mochi (cherry blossom sweet made from rice with a glutinous texture), matcha green tea layer cake and fruit sandwich.  Sake, whisky and beautiful tea pots and tableware are also available to purchase.

I urge you to visit, and we shall definitely be back very soon to sample their new cherry blossom wagashi!