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Fes-Tea-Val Tea Festival in London

Tea lovers rejoice! To celebrate International Tea Day, Fes-Tea-Val is coming to Chiswick, London this weekend. What better way to spend the weekend then at a festival celebrating our international love for tea. We caught up with the organisers to find out what's in store for Japanese tea lovers.


National Tea Day Fes-Tea-Val

Tea is an intrinsic part of both British and Japanese cultures, can you draw any similarities between them?

For hundreds of years tea has brought people together. Visitors and friends, guests at a home, even strangers are often first offered a cup of tea. In both Britain and Japan tea is a vital glue to bring people together.

Marco: The taste of the tea itself is very different between the cultures but the most important thing is the social aspect of tea drinking. In both cultures it brings people together. 

What can fans of Japanese (and other international teas) expect from Fes-Tea-Val?

Fes-Tea-Val will offer the opportunity to try the full range of Japanese teas. Matcha (and the ceremony for preparing it) will feature prominently. Among the more traditional tea also available will be traditional steamed Green tea (Sencha), toasted Kukicha and Genmaicha.

International Tea Day Fes-Tea-Val 2018 London

Marco: Fes-Tea-Val is a microcosm of the world of tea and there is tea there from all over the world! 

Which types or blends would you recommend to a newbie to Japanese tea drinking?

If new to Japanese tea it is worth noting its flavours tend to be rich and full. Japanese tea is strong in umami flavour and Japanese green tea, when compared with the more familiar Chinese green tea, has vegetal notes of mineral, seaweed, asparagus and spinach. We therefore recommend a newbie ensures they steep (infuse) the leaves for a shorter period (1 minute only).

Japanese Black teas tend to have fruity notes of berry and stone fruit. They are not suitable for milk.Genmaicha is green tea with toasted rice (it literally means ‘rice tea’). So give it a go if you like popcorn!