Anime Style Illustrations from Suriya Melissa

Today I'm delighted to unveil our new Love Japan Magazine team illustrations!  We've had our photos up on the website for ages, but I wanted to add a bit of a Japanese twist to them.  I searched for an illustrator online and was lucky enough to stumble across the fantastic Suriya Melissa.  Her blend of cute and colourful illustration in an anime-like style immediately grabbed my attention, and today I'm pleased to reveal the final results!  Suriya-Melissa is a self taught illustrator, who can draw anything from pin-up to fashion illustrations, portraits to surreal, cute themes.  She also likes to make cute crafts and is currently looking into opening a small online shop.  

Suriya's work incorporates a whole range of influences, including a passion for Asia (mainly Korea and Japan, which she was lucky enough to visit twice last year.)  She's also into 80s music/films and admires a cosmopolitan of fashion from the rockabilly 40s-50s to current and past Japanese Street Style.  Suriya also loves all things horror, Vivienne Westwood and Sailor Moon. 

If you make the jump to Suriya's website, you'll be able to see a strong pin-up influence to her work; "when I'm drawing pin up, I look up to Elvgren and Olivia De Berardinis.  Their work always has me in awe, and I immediately feel inspired, hoping to become that good."  She also admires the work of manga artist Inio Asano (Goodnight Punpun)

You can also check out Suriya's Instagram account where she posts her most popular work.

If you'd like to know a bit more about each member of the LJ Mag team, you can head over to our new and improved Info Page 

A huge thanks goes out to Suriya Melissa from the whole Love Japan team!  We are over the moon with the illustrations and love how she has captured our personalities so well.