Things to do in Tokyo: Eat in the Capcom Theme Cafe

Tokyo is no stranger to themed cafes and restaurants - whether you want to eat in the company of animals, or be served by vampires, Tokyo has enough weird restaurants to satisfy just about any taste.  

Those with a passion for video games will want to get down to the Capcom cafe in Shinjuku, where you can play games and watch some pretty off the wall (and sometimes confusing) role play while you eat.  All the food and drink here is based on popular Capcom games such as Monster Hunter, Biohazard (Resident Evil) and Phoenix Wright. You can also buy themed t-shirts, key-rings, mugs, figures and other collectables.

A comfy Monster Hunter chair for you to lounge in while you wait for your table

Collectables are available to buy from the menu, which is a nice touch

The whole experience is fun and interactive, and during your meal the waiters will stand in the middle of the restaurant acting out scenes from Capcom games.  Even if you speak little or no Japanese, you'll find them entertaining.  Even when they threaten to set you on fire with a blowtorch...

Don't annoy the waiters - they may well set you on fire

They may look serious, but dinner at the Capcom cafe is a lot of fun

Apparently ordering the Phoenix Wright (Ace Attorney) onion rings means that everyone has to stop what they're doing and chant 'igiari!' (meaning 'objection!') over and over again at you, as if you're in a courtroom.  If you're easily embarrassed, perhaps give the onion rings a swerve.  

They might look like ordinary onion rings, but they come with a helping of weirdness

The Monster Hunter Cocktail - mix your own potion

Perhaps one of the most fun parts of the menu are the cocktails.  The Monster Hunter concoction comes with mini potion bottles filled with honey and peach flavoured vodka, whilst the Biohazard cocktail is served with a small box of candy which you can drop into the drink to set off some fairly extreme fizzing.  You can also take your tipple with glowing ice cubes, or have it set on fire before you drink it.

Whiskey with optional fire

Delicious food - the fact that this is a theme restaurant doesn't mean the food isn't as quality as the entertainment

It's a myth that Tokyo is expensive to eat, and perhaps surprisingly for a theme cafe, the meals are very reasonably priced here.  Expect to pay around £40 for a three course meal with a couple of drinks each.