Review: Japanese Snacks from Tokyo Direct

We love Japanese snacks here at Love Japan Mag so were excited to try out some delicious goodies from Tokyo Direct. Selected by their Japanese staff who keep an eye on trends, this is a great way to have traditional Japanese food delivered straight to your home.  


  • Japanese instant ramen noodles are a store cupboard staple. They're healthy, easy and quick to make (just 90 seconds in boiling water) and hey presto! You have yourself a delicious steaming bowl of noodles. There are all sorts of different flavours to purchase, from seaweed to soy sauce.  These instant ramen are also a great base for a more fancy ramen recipe, so why not use them as a base for whipping up your own creation with meat, tofu or vegetables... or all of the above! 

Matcha Granola

  • We love a bowl of granola in the morning and this is cereal with a Japanese twist! Cereal is quite hard to come by in Japan (as our cereal addicted sub editor found out on our first visit) so we were surprised and excited to give it a whirl. It's as tasty as it looks and filled with freeze dried strawberries.  We probably won't mind getting up so much in the morning with a bowl of this to get up for. Grab a packet here along with lots of other matcha treats from instant lattes to mochi.

White Chocolate 'Langues de Chat' Cookies

  • These white chocolate Shiroi Koibito (白い恋人 meaning 'white lover') cookies are a popular snack in Japan.  Also called Langues de Chat (which means Cat's Tongues in French due to their shape) they come beautifully gift wrapped in a presentation box.  More importantly, they're delicious! 

Matcha Kit Kats 

  • A cult favourite and definitely a favourite of ours too. Matcha Kit Kats have a delicious creamy matcha chocolate coating in mini size bars. Tokyo Direct also sell lots of other intriguing flavours from banana to wasabi!  You can shop the full range here.

Thanks Tokyo Direct for sending us some really interesting snacks to try.  We enjoyed all of them, especially the granola which was our personal fave.  Alongside snacks and treats, Tokyo Direct also stock stationery, beauty products and homewares.  There's quite a few items for the Hello Kitty lovers out there as well (which we always like to see). 

Check out the full range over on their website.