#Japanspiration: Instagrammer of the Month

August's #Japanspiration is brought to you courtesy of the wonderful @Tokyo_amy

Originally from the Gold Coast in Australia, Amy came to Japan by chance when she decided she needed a change. She has a background in psychology, and after finishing university and trying  a 9-5 job, realised it wasn’t for her. A co-worker had been a teacher in Japan, and recommend she tried it. It’s now five years later, and Amy says she hasn’t looked back! 

Amy didn’t know anything about Japan before going there - the only images she had of the country were of sumo, sushi, and sakura. Many people travel to Japan for the food, but Amy says she is a notoriously fussy eater, and so food was her main concern when moving there. She doesn’t eat typical Japanese food such as seafood, tofu, ramen, or miso, and thought that ruled out 99% of the Japanese diet. She says she actually remembers wondering if she could even buy bread there. 

To her delight, Amy discovered not only could she buy bread and other western comfort foods, but that Japan also had amazing sweets! Amy has a real sweet tooth, and loves trying all the cute and crazy flavoured snacks and desserts available in Japan. 
For the first 2 and a half years, she lived and taught in Wakayama, which Amy says was a great experience, as she was able to travel out into the countryside to teach, and walk through farm lands and rice fields.  After spending time in rural Japan, Amy decided to make the move to Tokyo instead, and during the weekend, she enjoys exploring the many great cafes that Tokyo has to offer. 

Amy is a sucker for cute or themed food and says “if it’s got a face on it, I’ll buy it!”  There are so many themed cafes and restaurants in Tokyo that there are always new dining options to explore.  Seasonal items are also very popular in Japan, and Amy enjoys hunting down seasonal snacks at the konbini (convenience store). When she first moved to Japan, Amy scoffed at sweet potato chocolate, but tells us that she loves it now.  There is much more to Japanese food than sushi and tofu, and Amy is proof that you can enjoy eating in Japan even if you don’t enjoy typical Japanese food such as sushi.  Amy has learned to enjoy a whole range of new food now that she lives in Japan (but sweets and snacks will always be her favourite!)

A big thanks to Amy for sharing her story and Instagram images.  You can check out TokyoAmy on Instagram here and don't forget, if you have an Instagram account, ping us an email if you fancy a feature in next months #Japanspiration section.  

This feature was brought to you by Akai Tsuioku, our wonderful features editor.