Kyary Pamyu Pamyu 5ive Years Monster Tour!

Japanese pop sensation Kyrary Pamyu Pamyu returned to London last week, performing her 5ive Year’s Monster World Tour 2016 at London’s intimate and decadent KOKO in Camden.  

With an eclectic audience spanning a variety of ages, punctuated with young female fans dressed in cute Japanese street fashion and guys in J-rock t-shirts, Kyary's far reaching appeal was clearly evident.  Kyary’s gigs are always a visual feast for the eyes, and 5ive Years Monster was no exception.  This was a flower-power themed extravaganza with a techno edge, and fans eagerly awaited Kyary's entrance onto a stage glowing with neon lights and larger than life flowers. 

From the word go, this was a gig bursting with energy, and a party-like atmosphere.  Kyary herself was as mesmerising as ever, captivating the audience with her genuine enthusiasm, and teaching fans the moves to many of the tracks, whilst thanking them in both Japanese and a sprinkling of English.  

Kyary's backing dancers (dressed head to toe in pink and red, with fluorescent wigs) offered boundless amounts of enthusiasm, and tack sharp choreography, making the show seamless as it flowed from one song to the next.  Vegetable DJ was equally as energetic and eccentric.  Dressed in a shiny green outfit with pink spines, he managed to jump up and down behind the decks for the duration of the gig, even venturing down onto the main stage to dance with Kyary at one point.  

The extensive set list offered the best of all her hits performing classics PonPonPon, Fashion Monster, Furisodation, and Kira Kira Killer as well as new song Sai & Co.  Many songs were infused with techno style remixes to coincide with the theme of her current album KPP Best which added a refreshing and unexpected element to the concert.  Nobody does J-Pop with an off the wall edge better than Kyary, and we loved the fact that the backdrop to the stage was a giant screen playing a variety of weird and wonderful videos. 

We hope to see Kyary Pamyu Pamyu return to London again soon and wish her well with the rest of her 5ive Years Monster Tour!

Make sure you check out her new video for Sai & Co. below and check out KPP Best on iTunes here.