NHK Launch New JAPANESE FOOD Website

NHK WORLD recently launched their brilliant new English-language website ‘JAPANESE FOOD’ featuring a wide variety of recipes and aiming to make Japanese food more accessible for everyone, regardless of their level of cooking ability.   

Traditional Japanese cuisine is one of the most popular and healthiest in the world, and in 2013 it was awarded cultural heritage status by UNESCO. Japanese food prominently features seafood and vegetables, so has fewer calories than meat-based cuisines that use a lot of oil. Meals are also very nutritionally balanced, with many people in Japan aiming to eat 30 different kinds of food each day. 

JAPANESE FOOD has an extensive selection of recipes, from main courses and sides, to noodle dishes and desserts, with many new recipes being added to the site each month.  This will build to a staggering 1000 by March 2017, making it one of the largest free resources on Japanese food!  Recipes from popular NHK chefs such as Tatsuo Saito and Rika Yukimasa (Dining with the Chef), Harumi Kurihara (Your Japanese Kitchen), and Akiko Watanabe (Let’s Cook Japanese) are included on the site. 

 Each recipe has an an illustrated step by step guide and is labelled according to difficulty level, categorised with fun graphics, with many also having a handy calorie count and cooking time estimate. The recipes aim to 'build confidence and expertise while having fun' and the website has a number of features designed to make it fun and easy to use such as the ‘recipe roulette’ feature which is great if you can't decide what to cook!  It's also easy to find specific recipes, such as ones containing certain ingredients, or ones that are quick to prepare. 

For those that wish to learn more, there are links to NHK WORLD food programmes. Additionally weekly features will offer insights into various cultural aspects of Japanese food, such as the history of sashimi and information about Cherry Blossom parties and New Year celebrations. 

If all this is making you feel like you need to get cooking, then make the jump over to JAPANESE FOOD now!  If you whip up any culinary delights, we'd love to see your photos.

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