Things to do in Tokyo: Q-Pot Cafe

Continuing our 'Things to do in Tokyo' series, guest blogger Akai Tsuioki gives us the inside scoop on Q-Pot, one Tokyo's many cute & kawaii theme cafes.

Located in a side street in the quieter district of Minato, Q-Pot Cafe is the perfect place to visit if you want cute desserts in Tokyo without contending with the hustle and bustle of heavily tourist-populated areas such as Harajuku. Yet it’s still within central Tokyo, and the nearest station Omote-Sando is just one stop from both Meijijingu-Mae Station in Harajuku, and Shibuya Station. 

Q-Pot is a fairytale-like themed cafe located in Tokyo which makes its own unique and delicious desserts.  The cafe stands out from the surrounding stone-coloured buildings of apartments and other businesses, with chocolate coloured wood panels and an assortment of fake doors in various sizes. The doorway is covered by a wooden canopy and flanked by spiralling pillars, and the side features a window with a silhouette of a couple dining.  To finish it off, the exterior is embellished with the gold detailing of the cafe’s name, a large ‘Q’, and the knobs and numbers on the wooden doors. It gives the impression of a golden edged chocolate tucked away in urban Tokyo, and the interior is just as wonderful.     

Decorated in pastels, with custom Q-Pot wallpaper, a wall made of giant fake Q-Pot brand biscuits, and golden ‘Q’s embellishing milk jug-shaped lamps and display stands, Q-Pot Cafe is cute but also very elegant.

One small detail is the mouse whole by the bathroom, with a mouse making its own desserts using tiny bags of Q-Pot flour!  The mouse theme runs through the cafe, with tote bags featuring the mouse itself, and diners able to indulge in 2 styles of cheese-shaped cheesecake desserts. 

Cakes, macarons and chocolates are arranged to look like bracelets, necklaces and rings, with pearl beads made of dots of cream. Desserts are served on Q-Pot Cafe plates, which feature elegant black and white vintage-styled designs, which can be purchased at the cafe or shop. 

Alongside the regular menu, seasonal and limited items are also available, such as a pumpkin macaron for Halloween.  Several items are on display and available to purchase at the cafe, including tableware products, aprons, and items featuring their cute ghost characters, but there is also a larger shop next to the cafe which sells a wider selection of goods.  

If you can't justify eating every dessert on the menu while you're there, desserts are also available to take away.  The 'Mouse Hole Cheesecake' (the larger of the 2 cheese-shaped cheesecakes, which serves 2-5 people and has a mouse on top) is a takeaway-only dessert!

If you're in Tokyo between now and the 17 August 2016, then make sure you take a trip to Q-Pot Cafe for a double dose of kawaii, as they're hosting their second Sailor Moon collaboration, with a themed dessert menu and accessories to purchase!  

The Q-Pot website is available in both English and Japanese, so make the jump here.