Review: Yamato Drummers of Japan in London

We were lucky enough to see (and hear!) the Yamato Drummers of Japan perform this weekend at London's Peacock Theatre.  Even if you're not a hardcore drumming fan, you'll be completely entranced by Yamato and their energy and enthusiasm.  

What's perhaps most impressive is Yamato's stamina, strength and technical precision, along with the ability to engage the crowd with humour and enthusiasm.  Yamato feed off each other and the audience, with some fun crowd participation thrown in for good measure.  

ittetsu 8 by Chris Randle (SongHabataki&Ittetsu) resize.jpg

Their technical drumming skills are out of this world, with all 10 performers working together in perfect harmony.  At times you can feel the vibration of the drums within your body, making the whole show feel really immersive.  You'll leave the theatre feeling exhilarated, with a smile on your face and a skip in your walk.

Fancy a sneak peek of what you can expect? Watch the video below:

You can catch Yamato Drummers of Japan until 25 March at The Peacock Theatre in London, at a mix of matinee and evening performances.  Book your tickets here now!