The Tea Makers of London: Luxury Japanese Tea

I’ve been a huge advocate of Japanese green tea for several years now, ever since I spent three weeks travelling around Japan photographing the tea fields and factories of Japan.  During that time I was immersed in Japanese tea culture, and not only learnt a great deal, but also returned from the trip with a renewed sense of positivity.  There is something deeply calming about preparing and enjoying green tea, and each sip takes me back to the tea fields.  Green tea is also rich in antioxidants and acts as a natural energiser with none of the ‘buzz and crash’ qualities of coffee.  I’m always on the lookout for new teas to try, and was delighted when The Tea Makers of London kindly offered to send me some of their delicious Japanese sencha and matcha.

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Ceremonial Grade Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder

Matcha (powdered green tea) has been used in tea ceremonies for centuries, and is traditionally mixed with hot water to produce a vibrant green liquid with a strong and distinctive taste.  The Tea Makers Ceremonial Grade Matcha is from Ise Bay in Mie Prefecture, a region which has been producing high quality tea for over 800 years.  

Matcha has gradually filtered from Asia to Europe, and now matcha cafes are popping up all over the place, particularly in London.  It’s a popular ingredient in cooking, particularly desserts, adding a vibrant green colour to cakes, biscuits and ice cream.  

The intense colour comes from the amino acids which are produced while the tea is being grown, and with it’s smooth velvety texture, The Tea Makers ceremonial grade matcha is heaven in a tea cup.  Matcha is traditionally mixed with hot water, but if you prefer a slightly sweeter drink with a creamier texture, whisking it with milk produces a delicious latte alternative.

Japanese Sencha Supreme Tea Triunes

Sencha is one of the most popular green teas in Japan, and has many variations.  It has a light and refreshing taste and can be enjoyed hot or cold.  The pyramid shape of these bags allows the tea to circulate, which infuses the water with a delicate flavour that is sweet with a hint of bitterness to compliment this.  It can be tricky to prepare loose leaf sencha, so using high quality tea bags is not only a good introduction to preparing and drinking Japanese tea, but also a quick and easy alternative to drinking coffee if you’re in need of an energy boost.  

In Japan, summers are hot and humid, so sencha is often served chilled or over ice.  If we ever get a summer this year in Britain, this is definitely something I would recommend as a refreshing and healthy alternative to sugar laden fruit juices or soft drinks.

Exquisite Matcha and Sencha Blend Tea Triunes

If you want the best of both worlds, a matcha and sencha mix is a delicious option.  The Tea Makers matcha / sencha blend is presented in similar tea bags to the sencha, and provides a delicate balance of the two flavours.  The sencha element offers nutrients and Vitamin C, whilst the matcha is jam packed with antioxidants which are said to boost metabolism and reduce cholesterol.  This tea is a delicious and unique combination, with a range of health benefits as an added bonus!

The Tea Makers will also be reopening their wonderful offer (Saturday 16 + Sunday 17 July 2016 only) to get a one free pack of 15 Exquisite Matcha & Sencha Blend Tea Triunes with every order of Matcha Powder  (Term & Conditions apply.)  You will automatically get your free Triunes with your order of Matcha.

To purchase any of the teas we have reviewed, and to check out their current tea offers please make the jump to The Tea Maker of London website, where you will also find a variety of  beautiful teaware and tea themed gifts.