Things to do in Tokyo: Take a Taxi (yes really!)

OK so taking a taxi might not seem like the most exciting of things to do, but believe me, in Tokyo taking a taxi is another little experience that will be a bit different from the norm.  Getting a cab in Tokyo is an also a bit of an unnecessary expense, as public transport is so convenient, but if you do find yourself lost then it's definitely a luxury that you'll appreciate.  

For a start, the taxis have automatic doors that open for you, (left rear hand side) so don't reach for the handle, as the driver will do the work for you.  You'll also notice that your chauffeur will usually be wearing white gloves, and the interior of his vehicle will be scrupulously clean with white covers over the chairs to keep them looking pristine.  Gliding through the evening chaos of Tokyo in air conditioned comfort can also be a relief in the hot summer months, when the humidity can be uncomfortable at times.  

Be aware that once public transport stops running, if you're far from your hotel / ryokan, a taxi may be your only option.  Prices during this time go up by 20%.  If the taxi signal is red, that means it is vacant, and if it's green, it's occupied.  Which may seem a little illogical, but that's just the way it is.  If you're coming from a country where tipping is the norm, note that in Japan tipping is not customary, so there's no need to tip the driver.  In fact, most people go 'betsu betsu' in Japan meaning they split the bill equally.  You may also want to keep a business card from your hotel, or write down your destination address in Japanese on a piece of paper and keep it with you, just incase your driver doesn't speak English.